Ody Travel Gear Luggage Locks TSA Approved 2 Pack With Tags

Ody Travel Gear Luggage Locks TSA Approved 2 Pack With Tags>
Title: Ody Travel Gear Luggage Locks TSA Approved 2 Pack With Tags
Model: 22035
Manufacturer: Ody Travel Gear TSA Luggage Locks
  • QUICKER AND EASIER TO USE THAN THE OTHER 'U' CLASP LUGGAGE LOCKS. The push button release at top of the lock makes opening and closing really simple for all fingers. The easy-to-set 3 dial smooth combination with line-up arrows makes locking and unlocking obvious and convenient. The longer and stronger flexible coated steel cable slips easily through all types of luggage zips.
  • BEST QUALITY SECURE AND DURABLE. We manufacture our master locks with a molded lightweight zinc casing for maximum strength and everlasting use. When the lock is opened or released the quality can be heard and felt with a precise well manufactured click
  • MORE SECURE WITH TRAVEL SENTRY TSA APPROVED. All domestic and international airports scan every passenger's luggage before it's placed on the hold of an airplane and there are increasing times when officers need to physically inspect bags when you're not there. Without a Travel Sentry® Approved baggage lock like these, locks are cut off and destroyed or bags damaged to gain entry by Transport Security Officers causing distress and aggravation on your arrival.
  • WORKS GREAT ON ALL BRANDS AND MORE. The superior design of our locks gives flexibility to what you can attach this combination padlock to making it suitable for all suitcases, backpacks and even bike and gym lockers! Makes an ideal birthday, Thanksgiving or Christmas gift idea for men and women.
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Product Description



- Standard locks are cut off or your luggage damaged leaving it more susceptible to thieves
- Casual thieves also strike unlocked bags in a matter of seconds targeting luggage without travel locks
- This is the last thing that you want when setting out on your trip or vacation and can cause a great amount of stress and aggravation

The Solution is to buy TSA Accepted Travel Sentry® Approved Padlocks

Travel Sentry® is internationally recognized with over 250 million locks in circulation that allows agents to open and close locks causing no damage Authorized Security Agents at most airports worldwide are licensed to use carefully distributed Master Keys and only locks showing the Travel Sentry® red diamond logo can do this

Why Choose our Lock?

- We spent many months refining the best Travel Sentry® Approved padlock
- By using a longer flexible steel cable the luggage locks were easy to slip in and out of zippers making it easier to use
- A push button release at the top makes it quicker, easier and more secure to use than the traditional "U" clasp type locks
- We used the best quality zinc for the body of our master lock, the best internal workings, the smoothest metal dial and the strongest heavy duty cable
- The 3 dial combination means you don't have to dig keys out of a pocket or bag and there's no losing keys and it's easy to change and re-set
- These can be attached to every brand of luggage and can be used for all suitcases, backpacks and many other things - gym lockers, bicycle etc.

These Premium Quality TSA Accepted Travel Sentry® Approved Locks Come With a LIFETIME WARRANTY

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