Buyers Guide to TSA Approved luggage locks

Masterlock TSA luggage lock

Masterlock TSA luggage lock

TSA stands for the Transportation Security Administration and is the organisation that regulates travel in and out of the USA. By law, they are able to check through your luggage if they suspect you carrying anything potentially dangerous. A TSA lock is one that has been designed in conjunction with the TSA and allows officials to check your bags without having to break/damage your lock. This allows them to do their job without destroying your luggage and is still secure from others.

There are 5 different TSA locks on the market right now: the key card lock, word combination lock, key lock and combination lock.

The key card lock is one that can be opened with a special card. This is a good choice for those having a hard time memorising combinations. You can easily carry the card in your wallet. However having more than one of these locks can become confusing as you end up with multiples key cards that look similar. Try to look for locks that come with at least 2 cards so multiple people can use the lock.

A word combination lock uses words to unlock rather than numbers. If you have a hard time remembering numbers, this might be a good alternative. It usually uses a four - letter word to unlock.

A classic lock is the key lock that comes with a physical key. This is a fail - safe way to keep your luggage safe and perfect if you’re looking for something simple and that does the job.

Finally, the combination lock is one that uses a four - digit code to open. This is a favourite of mine, as you simply need to memorise the code and it’s very quick and straightforward. This is suited for others like me who easily lose keys and key - cards.

Some of the brands who have collaborated with TSA include: Samsonite, Korjo, Masterlock and Kolumbo. I will leave a list of recommendations at the end of the article. Hopefully, this has helped you understand the use of TSA locks and the different types. Happy travelling!


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